A short overview of the evolution of e-business nowadays

This article will go through three brand new phenomena that have appeared since the new millennium in the industry of commerce, showing just how prominent an influence the digital age has had.

Perhaps the latest development of e-commerce, observed just in the last couple of years, has been the rise of the figure of the influencer. Closely linked with social media marketing, commerce is slowly relying much more on individuals seeking and showcasing products to their audience, producing a somewhat more personal connection that a billboard or a consistent commercial might not have. With assorted systems of referrals or rewards, the future of ecommerce may be going hand in hand with that of this specific figure, and systems that facilitate this variety of advertising and online behaviour are benefitting from this phenomenon as well, as seen by the interest of the chief executive of the bank that funds Hootsuite.

The first step towards innovation and evolution in the world of corporations and retail has absolutely been the establishment of online platforms: today exceptionally popular, some web giants in this industry have been around for a while, but are by no means losing their success, as demonstrated by the interest of the head of the activist fund that recently took a stake in eBay. In the history and evolution of e-commerce, this platform has most likely been among the most influential players, permitting users to both purchase and sell on it, and with innovative features such as online auctions, that might be entered from all around the world. Particularly in modern times, as individuals turn out to be much more aware of how this consumerist society produces a great deal of waste for products we don’t use anymore, being in a position to sell second-hand stuff is a very great contribution from this type of e-commerce on the subject of sustainability.

The industry of commerce is, for obvious reasons, closely linked to that of advertising and marketing, and the introduction of new platforms has surely indicated the need for completely brand-new marketing tactics. As consumers, we actually have absolutely observed a significant amount of brand-new e-commerce business models and strategies, and the main brand new players in this certain sector seem to be social networking platforms. As digital marketing becomes a fundamental part of advertising, figures like the founder of one of the largest funders of Instagram are aware of the transforming times, and the platforms themselves actually have introduced new features that are specifically intended to make online shopping more straightforward, straight from the social network. With the advent of other web services becoming progressively more prevalent than the traditional ones, such as streaming movies rather than watching them on tv, a social media upload could replace tv commercials as the advertising format of the future.

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